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    University introduce

    Korea Gachon University is our friendly academy,which combined the Korea KyungwonUniversity and Korea Gachon Medical University in 2012.Now the South Korean capital circle only to the Kyung Hee University and the HanyangUniversity third higher education scale. Gachon University for my school  andother overseas universities project friendly summer internship nursing activity, having a good response. 

    How about this project

    Health assessment and medical professionalEnglish project this year to carry out HanQuanJiaQuanGuojia University, theUniversity of global friendly college studentsenrolled 25 students, for 2 weeks. In order toenrich the life of the students in our school, and further deepen the medical exchangesbetween China and South Korea, in Januarythis year, the organization of nursing studentsin Korea to participate in the winter study.  

    We walk, we see. 


    First time in Korea —Hello Korea

    When I first came to Korea, everything was sofresh. South Korea is found in the open 9 degrees below zero at night is South KoreaSnow gleams white., gradient beautiful, pinksunset. All the characters are circle andsquare you cannot read, all the people in thesaid did not understand their own language. All of a sudden, really do not know how toadapt. Fortunately, we have to help SouthKorean students, to introduce us where to buythings, where to eat, where to take thesubway, is now a friend!   

    Study in KOREA——enjoy your life &study hard

    In This travel, the most main task is to study.The morning and the afternoon respectively arranged for Health Assessment class and Medical Terminological English class.All the classes in there are taught in Englishand adopted different forms of teaching. Our course is started with two theory courses , and then one lessen composed with video-watching and hands-on——Combinetheory with practice. In the second day,there is a small test for the previous day's learning, and on Friday, we have a bigger test for the knowledge we get in this week.

    The main content of the course is the examination methods for various parts of our body, pathological symptoms, the medical terminological English for the various componentsof our body and how toCommunication with the patient in English. During the learning, although most are the same, we still found a number of points different from we have learned before,and also learned a lot of new operation methods.

    In addition, weare also deeply touchedthat theypay more attention to humanistic care of patientsthan us.

    In our spare time, the teacher talked about their oversea education experience with us and encouraged us to study hard, go out and experience different life."Enjoy your life and study hard" - this is talked bythe teacher who is graduated from the most top nursing school in the world, and she has been repeatedly stressed  thiswords to us.

    Bythis learning course, we feel the differences in education andNursing conceptbetween  China and South Korea, looking for the common point in medical sciencebetween the two countries,and take the line of friendship and culture between the two countries. 

    ( Inthe exam...) 

    (In South Korea , sheet is mapped by marker.) 

    (we graduated!) 

    Play in South Korea—— beautifullandscape and people

    South Korea's metro is very rich. When we take the subway for the first time ,awarm-hearted uncle who is the subway station staff help us bysign language - Let's go!

    Step by step, We visited almostall the famous sight spots, such asEwhaWoman University, Seoul Tower,Jiangnan District, SM entertainment company , shopping paradise - Myeong-dong, Kyongbok Palace ,Kwang Jang Market, central park, G Towel,and so on. 

    (Seoul Tower is full of locks for love, but we are going to hang locks for friendship ~) 

    (EwhaWomen University is a prestigiousschool ,and a number of South Korea's female politicians and many First Ladies are graduated from there.) 

    (Gwanghwamun is the gate of Kyongbok Palace where is the north Korea dynasty palace.) 

    (In thefreedom park where the "the inchon landing" took place, against the sunset,we  leftour back for  yearning freedom.)  

    Eat in Korea

    As a senior gastronomeIt can't stop talking once mentioned to eatingThe impressions of the nation to kimchi is the cooking by the hands of Changjinthe perfect matched between fried chicken and beerand the state for instant noodles and rice cake.We could get a bowel of kimchi wherever we repast before eating.The price of rice and fruits for us is a little expensivebut it's satisfied with meet.HereKorean barbecue, Fried chicken, beer, soya bean soup rice in souptofu soup, bibimbap, spicy Fried rice cakes, grim, laver boarding, noodles, fish cake.......Countless snacks never can adequate.

    The most delisious barbecue is the pork by pickled

    Itself is a country which prefer frichchicken.There are many fried chicken store with the history more man 40yearsbefore the show of.There you can rarely seen the McDonald's and KFC becusekoreans pay more attention toto protect culture of Fried chicken.

    The soup of tofu in order to kimchiThe streaky and Tender bean curd.It's delicious and so tender.

    Whatever you orderedyou can get the mainly kimchi dishes.  

    Etiquette in korea

    In Koreathe follows are strict to carried out.Garbage is classification to more than 5 category.Anyone can throw trushdirectly.Can't run a red light.Don't sit on the tube special seats

    for oldsick child.There is a process when every job implementation, believe in the near futurewe can also like this

    This is a dormitory building garbage dumpThrow to the garbage here is divided into five types.

    It is on the subway, sick to sit, young man like us to sit will be rebuke.  

    Goodbye Korea

    It's time to leave Korea back to motherland after the last barbecue dinner with the docking students with excited and reluctant in Chinese New Year's Eve.We can't give up the gentle and polite of Korean.We want to learn the self-consciousness of Garbage classification.We need to merge the difference between the culture of China and Korea.The most important thing is the frendship of our two country

    Behind the barbecue storewe left the last picture of our allalthough all people with smilecaring had full our heart.

    GoodbyKorealooking foraward the next encounter 



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